Abilene is known for having a church in every neighborhood. That said, we "Abilenians" are very opinionated about what should or should not be some rules and or commandments to abide by if you live here. So, I posted on our Facebook page asking "What are some unbreakable rules for living in Abilene?" Here's what our listeners had to say.

Thou Shalt Honor and Obey The Ten Commandments of Abilene

I started it with my FB response that I firmly believe in "Thou Shalt Never Put Beans In Chili" and boy oh boy, did I get schooled. I didn't know the backlash I would receive from those who say "it ain't so!"

Plus, being the fact that we have all these churches it shouldn't be too hard in keeping and following these new "10 Commandments for Abilene" and making sure that everyone else follows them too. The ten commandments above are the answers from some of you that responded. I would have used the ones with all of the humorous political comments but I'll save those for another day and another time.

What I did find extremely humorous are all the driving violations we commit or don't commit because of the traffic problems at several intersections, like South 14th and the Winters Freeway, Buffalo Gap Road and Industrial or Southwest Drive and Clack Street. Don't some people know that chicken nuggets are sacred.

If you have an opinion of what should be a commandment of Abilene please feel free to share your thoughts and comment below.

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