Oklahoma experienced another round of deadly tornadoes on Friday (May 31st) that has reportedly killed 9 so far, and injured hundreds. During one of the twisters, The Weather Channel's 'Tornado Hunt' vehicle was thrown almost 200 yards in the air by a tornado. Watch this insane video.

The Weather Channel crew were chasing a tornado in their  'Tornado Hunt' vehicle near El Reno when they happened to get in the path of a tornado. In the video, you can see the tornado approaching, and can hear the crew as the twister picks up their vehicle and tosses them up in the air like a toy car.

Fortunately, the crew only had minor injuries and lived to tell about. But, as you can see with the picture above, their vehicle looks like it's pretty much totaled.

Watch this crazy video that proves how dangerous these storms can be, and how lucky this crew was.

Weather Channel Tornado Chase Vehicle Thrown in the Air By Tornado