During the buildup to their new album, the Cadillac Three have stayed busy writing and producing with others and re-imagining their “country fuzz” moniker. If their recent song and ESPN college football fixture “All the Makin’s of a Saturday Night” is any indication, the trio’s current direction incorporates all three members’ recent fascination with funk.

“I think our skills at producing stuff has gotten a lot better, and we’re exploring new things,” singer and guitarist Jaren Johnston told The Boot at September's Hometown Rising festival in Louisville, Ky. “For lack of a better word, it’s funky as hell. We’re going down some of those roads we haven’t been to because we’ve been doing this a long time, and we want to keep it fresh for us.”

Such changes further a sound never meant to remain static.

“We’ve always felt like country fuzz was an all-encompassing thing, drawing from old influences and new ones,” adds bassist Kelby Ray.

Beyond revealing that a future album will indeed bring the funk, the band couldn’t share much else about recordings already “in the can.” The still-unnamed record will follow up the Big Machine Label Group act's consecutive Top 15 country albums: 2016's Bury Me in My Boots and 2017's Legacy. The Cadillac Three's self-titled debut arrived in 2013.

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