California always has exciting high-speed car chases.  Well, here in Texas we are a little more laid back; we have SLOW-speed forklift chases.  It's kind of like lawn mower racing but not really.  Yes, some moron always has to do something stupid, make the national news and make us all look like idiots.  You know someone is out there saying "look at those stupid redneck Texans".  In this case they would be correct.

Sunday in Ft. Worth a man was drinking and took a forklift for a joyride.  He was throwing the beer cans from the forklift and standing up screaming as he weaves all over the road.  The cops were called.

He uses an unfriendly gesture when the cops chase him.  He drives down the street, makes a turn but it's into a parking lot, so he has to turn around and get back out on the street.  Three cops chase him at a whopping 3 miles an hour.

He eventually pulls onto I-30 where about 6 police surround him and use tasers on him.  However, that didn't stop him, he keeps on going raising and lowering the lift on the truck.  Eventually, they get him pulled over and well, he goes to jail now.

Turns out the forklift was stolen from a construction site, no reason known yet why he did this for sure.  Luckily no one was hurt and the dog is okay too!

This is video recorded on an iPhone by Nathan Lowery and a friend. They have the full video posted on YouTube but there is some graphic language involved. Here is an excerpt that the Dallas/Fort Worth NBC news affiliate ran.

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