Bundaberg Rum Makes Funny Television Commercials [VIDEO]
I'm not much of a drinker but after watching a series of Bundaberg Rum commercials I'd consider trying it. In this one (you golfers will appreciate) a golfer get assistance from, what I call the 'Bundaberg Buddies' removing the alligator from a favorable spot on the green. I do not believe this commercial aired in the United States.
Five Great TV-Inspired Halloween Costumes [PHOTOS]
Still don’t have a costume for Halloween? You might want to hurry since the big day is less than a week away. To help out a little, has a bunch of ideas for costumes inspired by TV characters. Some are kinda lame (going as Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ means you’re basically just a dude in a nice suit), but there are some you could have fun with. In addition to ‘The Walking Dead’ (abo
101 Ways To Leave A Game Show [VIDEO]
It what appears to be a cross between Jackass meets the Chuck Barris of the Gong Show. The show doesn't appear to me, to have any rhyme or reason. The show sees eight contestants compete to be the winner of a $50,000 prize by picking the right answers to general knowledge questions. Competitors who pick wrong answers are eliminated from the game in a variety of different ways, usually involving a
Teen Choice Awards Trump CMA Music Fest [GALLERY]
Folks at the Country Music Association are posturing in the five o'clock hour because of scheduling. Seems like the Teen Choice Awards planned their big night on the same evening that the CMA Music Festival TV special was to air. The peeps at at both the network and at the CMA offices do not want either to suffer and or compete for market share. Country’s Night to Rock aka the CMA Music Festival i
It’s A John Wayne Memorial Weekend [VIDEO]
OK, it's no secret that I, Rudy FEARLESS Fernandez an a HUGE John Wayne and Westerns fan. In between lawn mowing and on location-live-broadcasting I happened to see a promo on the Western Channel that this memorial weekend they will play 18 Jon Wayne movies straight through. I wonder if I can call in sick that weekend?