Rihanna’s ‘SNL’ Performance Sparks Internet Backlash
Rihanna's performance of 'Diamonds' this past Saturday has angered an internet subculture of "Seapunk" artists, whose style she (along with Azealia Banks, who is also catching some heat) essentially jacked.
Unfortunately for Rihanna, you can't really do anything that upsets anybody without …
‘SNL’ Promos Give Us Twice the Anne Hathaway
As expected, last weekend's 'SNL' featuring Louis C.K. offered up an even mix of laughs and groans, some sketches falling flat while others stood as tall as Abraham Lincoln's stovepipe hat.  This weekend's newest outing will go back to basics however, as 'Les Miserables' star and Hollywood sweethear…
‘SNL': Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Renner to Host
See? Everything gets better when the storm is over. In spite of all the many weather-related cancellations, earlier we learned that Louis C.K. would indeed go on to host 'SNL' this weekend with musical guest Fun., but what of future hosts? It seems the next two weeks are set as well, with returning …
Country Music’s Rich And Famous [VIDEO]
I can remember when I was 23 years old, the only thing I could say with any certainty is "you want fries with that?"
If I had just paid better attention to my elementary school music teacher, I too would a rich and famous country music singer, NOT!
The list of top earners was just released. …
Jennifer Nettles Rihanna Duet [VIDEO]
Jennifer Nettles the lead singer of today’s most celebrated country duo Sugarland,  is always singing with non-country stars on TV specials, award shows and the likes with stars like Bon Jovi, Adele and, most recently, Rihanna on during the Academy of Country Music Awards.