‘Home Alone’ House for Sale [VIDEO]
Do you live in the Chicago area and want to own a piece of movie history? Well, now's your chance. According to the Chicago Tribune, the house featured in the movie 'Home Alone' officially went on the market Thursday with an asking price of - wait for it - $2.4 million. Among the features in this now-famous house: four bedrooms, endless storage space, multiple bathrooms and a sunroof. (Robbers and
“Country Strong” In Theaters Today
Today is the opening of the movie "Country Strong" with Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw and a host of others.  Here is the background story of one of it's other stars Garrett Hedlund. Garrett Hedlund had never been to Nashville prior to accepting the role of rugged singer-songwriter Beau Hutton in the new film, Country Strong...