High Tech Gun Storage System is Most Popular at Shot Show
Anyone that knows me knows I am an avid gun enthusiast and that I'm always preaching gun safety. Especially when it comes to storing away your firearms. One item that was real popular at this years Shot Shot is the new high tech "Gun Box" handgun storage system. This is not really a 'new' …
The Most Important Thing to Know When Owning a Firearm
Now that the 'gun control' talk has simmered down a bit, prices of firearms have been on the decline. When prices go down, typically sales go up, especially as we get closer to the holidays. So, if you're in the market for a new firearm, because of these lower prices, then heed my advice about ownin…
Security Guard Accidentally Shoots off His Own Wiener
There is nothing funny about an overzealous pistol-packer desperately trying to impress by waving a loaded gun around. That is, until the idiot forgets how to use the safety, and shoots his own pecker into one of his tube socks. At that point, we must admit: it is a bit hilarious.

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