Traffic Cops Dancing Makes for a Hilarious Video
Traffic cops from around the world are caught on video directing traffic while busting a move dancing. I believe some of the cops in these videos have got rhythm, a couple of the dancing darlings need to take some dance lessons because they just make it look dirty.
Learn Country Hip-Hop Dancing Via This Instructional Video
Since today is Thursday and everybody is doing a 'throwback' I figured I would share this one I found. How many of you remember watching instructional videos to learn how to line dance? What about learning how to do country hip-hop? You say you don't remember doing that and you never …
14 Scientifically* Proven Ways to Get Happy Instantly
That's right it's been scientifically* proven that looking at these GIFs will instantly make you happy. Sometimes all you need to feel better is a baby penguin in a hat or a wink from Gene Wilder -- that is a scientific* fact. We thought we'd put a whole bunch together to brighten you…

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