‘Dallas’ Season 2: How Will Larry Hagman’s Death Affect the Series?
While legions of fans, colleagues, friends and family of 'Dallas' star Larry Hagman mourn the actor's tragic death, TNT's 'Dallas' revival series is nonetheless faced with a difficult question.  With production not yet wrapped on the upcoming season, how will Hagman's death affect the series?  Will anything about Hagman's current scenes be changed, or will the writers write the death into the scri
80’s TV Was Cool….Once, But What About Now? [VIDEOS]
So I'm sitting at home today and there is nothing on the boob toob, except old reruns of Miami Vice.  Now when I was growing up in the 80's this was a really cool show.  Now I watch it and think, "wow, this is some really cheesy stuff".  However, I've noticed lately network t.v. is reaching back to the 80's for inspiration on new shows.
‘Dallas’ Returning to TV – Watch the First Official Promo [VIDEO]
Next summer, TNT will take TV viewers back to Texas for a reboot of the long-running primetime soap 'Dallas,' promising plenty of sex, drama and, of course, oil. This time around, 'Dallas' will focus on the scandalous misadventures of J.R.'s son, John Ross (Josh Henderson), and Bobby’s adopted son, Christopher ('Desperate Housewives' hunk Jesse Metcalfe).
J.R. Ewing Is Auctioning Off Dallas Memorabilia [VIDEO]
J.R. Ewing is back and this time he is in a reality TV show that put's Larry Hagman, auctioning off "his personal belongings." To fans of the show, seeing J.R. ridding himself of the Dallas wealth is heartbreaking, however to most of the other Dallas fans nothing would be better than seeing J.R. suffer and struggle.  Here's a list of some of the items up for bids.