What Are America’s Top Colleges?
When the shocking cost of going to college nearly constitutes selling a kidney to an international ring of black market organ dealers, would-be students should probably ask themselves whether their education is really worth waking up in a bathtub full of ice just to pay for it.
College Basketball Is More Exciting Than NBA [VIDEO].
The best plays are yet to come even though the season just got started. who needs the NBA when we've got college basketball with more excitement per game that an entire NBA season. If this is any indicator of what the college hoops season has in store for us, we are in for a wild ride.
2011 NCAA College Football – Week 10 Preview
After two weeks of hype and buildup, we finally get the game most college football fans have been waiting for all year–#1 LSU vs. #2 Alabama. And while that is understandably the marquee game of the weekend, there are several other key matchups this weekend, including another top 10 game in the SEC, to serve as appetizers before Saturday night’s main feast. Here all the highlights from this upcomi
Which College Is the Best for Military Veterans?
A recent survey conducted by Military Times Edge ranks which colleges are best for military veterans. Most of the schools making the list were public, including 51 of the 59 highest ranking four-year schools. The top five four-year schools included Concord University, taking the number one spot, Eastern Kentucky University at number two, Rutgers in third, California University of Pennsylvania
New Asteroid Discovery Honors Local Hardin Simmons Professor [VIDEO]
The asteroid first labeled "Asteroid 4984" has been named in honor of a local Harden Simmons University professor. Dr. Patrick Miller, has been singly responsible for inspiring and guiding many high school and college students into the field of astrological studies.  “Patrick Miller” is the new name for an asteroid orbiting in our solar system. It's not close enough to be seen by the nak