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Chuck Wicks' New Song Us Again Brings Back Memories
I can really identify with Chuck Wicks new song "Us Again" from his new Blaster Records album. Have you ever lost someone you loved so much, that a short time later, you'd do anything to have that person back? Chuck nails this one, as I listened I started getting a flood of memories, remem…
Chuck Wicks, ‘Us Again’ [Listen]
'Us Again,' Chuck Wicks' debut single on Blaster Records, is a patient, orchestral ballad about yearning to get back together with the one you loved and lost. Wicks has always been a talented interpreter of songs. His pain comes through early on this track from an upcoming studio albu…
Did Chuck Wicks Get Engaged?
Chuck Wicks teased fans with a string of cryptic Twitter messages and photos over the New Year's holiday, leading many of his followers to believe that the 'Stealing Cinderella' singer is officially off the market.