Which Beach Is the Best for a Wedding?
This is the perfect time of year to think about anything that involves a beach, and there’s almost nothing more beautiful to do on a beach than get married. But where in the world are the best places for that dream beach wedding?
Best Beach Make-Out Scenes in Movies [VIDEOS]
A kiss is a kiss is a kiss – except when it's more than a kiss. Hollywood is famous for its kiss scenes. Whether it's the waves cascading against the sand or the sun shining down in all the right places, some of the most romantic have undoubtedly taken place on the beach.Which is wh…
Engineering Firm Wins Sandcastle Competition [VIDEO]
The annual sandcastle competition and festival in Galveston was this past weekend. A Houston engineering firm proved you can “Have Your Sandcastle and Eat it Too”. The phrase was the title of their “Golden Bucket” award-winning sandcastle design at the 25th annual AIA Sandcastle Competition held o…