Steve Helms is a piece of work. He has a knack for bringing out my inner clown every time we get together, and his most recent visit to the KEAN Afternoon Show was no exception. The D/FW-based singer-songwriter was in town to talk about the upcoming Outlaws & Legends Music Fest, and tell a few jokes.

Before we cracked the microphones, I played Steves 11th Texas radio single, 'All It Needs To Be', which will be available on iTunes soon.

The first part of our conversation included talk about the upcoming Outlaws & Legends Music Fest, which Steve will be playing at. He says, "I'm not sure which one of the two I am, and outlaw or a legend. I'm so old I could be a legend, I'm not sure...I think I've been tricked. I think Mark Powell is just wanting me there to park cars. He's got me on the posters, but I'm probably just a valet guy." Helms also talked about his most recent CD, explaining "In 2011 we came out with the 'Red Wine and Copenhagen' CD...I think we've had 4 or 5 singles off that CD." I told Steve the album is good, to which he replied, "Thanks, man. Don't sound so surprised." Regarding his music style, Helms confirmed that he is a country singer, and not on the fringe of any other musical style. "It's country. Not every song is about kicking your dog and your wife leaving you, but not every song is rocking, heavy metal, you know. Yeah, it's country music, man."

The real funny thing about Steve Helms is that, for such a joke-cracking, fun-loving guy, he writes and sings a sad country song as well as anyone. In the first part of our visit, Steve played a song he recently wrote with Bri Bagwell, called 'Apartment'. Take a listen here:

Steve Helms Interview - Part 1

In the second half of Steve Helms' visit to the KEAN Afternoon Show included "Well I ride a bicycle everywhere so I try to get there early. In case I have a blow out on the old 10-speed, I have time to fix it and still get up Ranger Hill...going back to Cleburn is gonna be awesome because I'm gonna go downhill on that sucker on the way back...going about 95 on a 10-speed". Helms also talked about his recent trip to Houston, where he ran into the Eli Young Band and got to hang out with them, just a day after their appearance on The Today Show. "That was really cool, I delivered some Steve Helms Band Hats to all of them, and I got some shots on the big screen at the Houston Rodeo of the Steve Helms Band hat on the big screen...they took care of us, they gave us some passes and stuff. We hung out. Cool guys, they still remember the little people.". Helms also played an old favorite, 'Nowhere But Texas' for us in studio. Check out the second half of my conversation with Steve:

Steve Helms Interview - Part 2

Steve Helms is a great guy, and it's always good to visit with him. He'll be doing two acoustic sets on Friday night, March 28th. Keep track of all his shows, and the latest on Steve and his band on their official website. You can also "like" Helms on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. The SHB's first two CD's are now available on iTunes.