Texas motorists need to get ready for a big change coming in March 2015.  At that time, vehicles registered in the State of Texas will no longer need separate inspection and registration stickers.

One less thing to worry about, right?....Not exactly. 

Inspections and registrations will continue, but you will only need to show the registration sticker as proof of both. And with this new standard, there is a set time when you must get your vehicle inspected.  Within 90 days before the vehicle's registration is set to expire, you'll need to make sure your vehicle passes the state vehicle safety and emissions tests.

According to the Houston Chronicle, this change will move away from the grace period for inspections that some people are accustomed to, and requires valid safety inspections to renew vehicles.  This will make it more difficult to cheat the system by avoiding inspections.

The change could mean a temporary break from annual inspections for some drivers, depending on the timing of their inspections and registrations expiring. If someone's registration expires in May and their inspection tag expires in June, for example, they will not have to get their car tested until prior to renewing their registration in May 2016.

Click to the story in the Houston Chronicle for more details.