Ruston Kelly has shared the next song off his forthcoming debut album, Dying Star"Son of a Highway Daughter" starts out with an a capella chant that tells the story of a nomadic coming of age. Readers can press play below to hear the haunting melody.

"I'm the son of a highway daughter / Born in gasoline / I traced the steps of my foolish father / Danced with the devil in Galilee..." he goes on to sing, with lyrics that paint a lonely picture of survival in the midst of constant movement. Kelly says the transient years of his upbringing contributed to the writing of this song, as his family moved from place to place all over the world. "Son of a Highway Daughter" is the result of years of the loneliness -- and strength -- that comes from not being able to call anywhere home for too long.

"We moved so much when I was a kid that I had to teach myself to not get too comfortable for too long anywhere," Kelly tells the Tennessean. "That’s how you got hurt. It’s also how I survived the feeling of social and personal displacement. This is a testament to that."

"Son of a Highway Daughter" is the third song that Kelly has released off Dying Star, following "Jericho," and "Mockingbird." All three songs are available for purchase now. Every track on the upcoming album was written or co-written by the artist. Dying Star is due out on Sept. 7 but is available for pre-order.

Kelly will be launching a headlining tour later this fall. For a complete tour schedule, check out his website.

Listen to Ruston Kelly's "Son of a Highway Daughter"

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