Rosanne Cash is set to release her first new album since 2014 in November, and she has shared both its title track and a second song, "Everyone But Me." Readers can press play above to hear the bluesy, grinding "She Remembers Everything," which is rich with Cash's trademark intricate lyrics and emotional delivery.

"Who knows who she used to be before it all went dark / Was she like a streak of fire, a painted glass, a beating heart?" Cash sings in "She Remembers Everything," which features singer-songwriter Sam Phillips. "I don't know her now / My bitter pill, my broken vow / This girl, this bird who sings / She knows everything."

All 10 tracks on She Remembers Everything were either written or co-written by Cash, capturing the turbulent emotions of her recent years; the artist has been an unwavering and outspoken champion for stricter gun control, among other social issues. Cash says that time and experience have shaped the sound and meaning of her forthcoming album, and that its intricacy would not have happened years ago.

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"There is a woman's real life, complex experiences and layered understanding in these songs," Cash shares in a press release. "I could not have written them 10 years ago -- not even close. Time is shorter, I have more to say."

Readers can press play below to hear "Everyone But Me," a haunting and nostalgic melody. The song finds Cash reminiscing about lost loved ones, including her mother and father, against the backdrop of a beautiful ballad.

Cash announced an extensive international tour in support of her new album as well. For a full schedule and details, visit her website, where you can also pre-order the album ahead of its Nov. 2 release date.

Rosanne Cash She Remembers Everything Track Listing:

1. "The Only Thing Worth Fighting For"
2. "The Undiscovered Country"
3. "8 Gods of Harlem"
4. "Rabbit Hole"
5. "Crossing to Jerusalem"
6. "Not Many Miles to Go"
7. "Everyone But Me"
8. "She Remembers Everything"
9. "Particle and Wave"
10. "My Least Favorite Life"

Hear Rosanne Cash's "Everyone But Me"

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