Country fans (and, truthfully, The Boot staff members) love when their favorite stars are active on social media; it makes them feel connected to the artists' day-to-day lives. While many country favorites stand out online, there's one legend who undoubtedly shines: Reba McEntire.

McEntire loves a good Throwback Thursday, the day on which everyone from your neighbor to Carrie Underwood to your grocery store cashier posts an old photo of themselves. She's not shy about sharing photos from her past, and her Throwback Thursday pictures are proof of that.

This photo gallery of some of McEntire's most iconic Throwback Thursday pictures documents many incredibly special moments in her life: The first time she stood behind a microphone (in first grade)? Check. Her baby bump while pregnant with son Shelby? Check.

In one post, the fiery-haired singer even shared a photo of herself, ex-husband Narvel Blackstock and son Shelby right after he was born. How many country stars (or anyone, for that matter) would be willing to do that? (She does look as gorgeous as ever, which could have contributed to her willingness.)

Other priceless throwback photos from McEntire include a hilarious George Strait photobomb, McEntire as a freckled fifth grader and a flashback to the days of her really (really) big hair. Click through the gallery below to see some of McEntire's best #TBTs:

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