I think we can all agree that Abilene isn't for everyone. So, we decided to list out a few reasons not to move here.


So, if you have plans to move to the Abilene area, just know upfront what you're getting into as we've got a little bit for everyone. Oh yeah, the people here are pretty dang nice. Yes, we know that's a burden we'll have to bear.

Obviously, this article is tongue-in-cheek as we're not trying to convince you to not move here. Heck, we encourage any and all to move here. You get it all, great food, entertainment, picturesque sunsets, amazing people, three universities, outdoorsy activities, and so much more.

Heck, even though it gets pretty hot during the summer, you still feel guilty staying indoors with all that's going on here in the Key City. That's not to mention the rest of the Big Country with plenty of area lakes, tons of futuristic-looking windmills, beautiful backroads for riding your motorcycles, and wonderful architecture.

While we did mention all the mouthwatering food, you must know that includes some of the best dang bar-b-que you've ever had the pleasure of devouring.

Also, within the past few years, Abilene has done a great job at rebuilding and restoring the downtown area. Anytime you contemplate moving somewhere, you always have to consider how lively the downtown area is and ours is already a destination for tourists.

For those moving here, Welcome to Abilene!

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