Liquor connoisseurs who prefer their cocktails on the rocks but have a seething distaste for the watered down repercussions of using ice cubes - meet your “pucking” salvation.

Designer Dave Laituri recently unleashed his latest invention called 'Pucs,' which are stainless steel ice cubes developed to give drinkers more temperature control over their top-shelf refreshments without fear of diluting them with ice.

This innovative concept is loosely based on a story that 51-year-old Laituri says he heard back in the early days of his design career about how famous designer Raymond Loewy used ball bearings to chill his scotch.

“He was quite the classy guy and I've heard of other famous people from that era using ball bearings to chill their drink of choice,” said Laituri. “By using ball bearings, it doesn't dilute the drink with excess water, and that image has always stuck with me for some reason.”

However, Laituri says that he was forced to change the overall shape of the bearings in order to keep them from sloshing around too much in the glass. "The ball bearings were too mobile and would often take a leap for freedom and roll across the floor when given the chance,” he said. "But with the marshmallow-like "puck" shape, they tend to stay put, live at the bottom of the glass for the duration of the drink and are easier to manage.”

Even though similar metal cubes have been available for years, Laituri says what makes Pucs different is that their design prevents any unwanted modification to the flavor of the beverage.

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