Much like many other things, the Best of Abilene awards were paused due to the pandemic, but that is behind us (for the most part) and it's time to crown some new winners.

However, before we celebrate all the winners, we must announce that the name has been changed to the Best of the Big Country Awards. We feel that changing the name is more representative of the nominated businesses.

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What is the Best of the Big Country Awards?

Basically, we're honoring the best in a variety of service industry-related categories.

The goal is to identify the very best business in each category, according to you, the public. We believe the best judge of a great business is the consumer, not some out-of-touch panel of judges.

We'll have two weeks for nominations, then two weeks for voting. Following the voting period, we'll announce and award the top vote-getters in each category.

Unlike other area awards, every nomination will appear on the final, voting ballot. This isn't an exclusive club where membership is the only way to get nominated. The only exception is when a nomination doesn't align with the category it was nominated for. That judgment call will be made by our Best of the Big Country officials.

Nominations are open to the entire public and will run through Sunday, June 26th. That will be followed by the voting period, which begins Monday, June 27th.

Please take a moment to nominate your favorite for the categories below.

Once again, these are just nominations for the voting which begins on June 27th.

If you have questions about the Best of the Big Country, then feel free to send me an email and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

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