Ahead of another weekend with Little Big Town as part of their co-headlining Bandwagon Tour, Miranda Lambert made a quick stop to Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday (July 18) to perform "Ugly Lights" and "Pink Sunglasses."

Both songs are cuts from her current album, The Weight of These WingsLooking downright sexy in a short, black floral dress, Lambert drew a lyrical picture of lonely nights in bars at closing time.

"I don't remember when the liquor started kicking in / It's been a while since I've been off the stuff / I really hate to say I'm turning into a cliché / I'm hoping that nobody brings it up," she sings in "Ugly Lights."
And earlier, she spoke of finding the positive and ignoring the negative in "Pink Sunglasses": "In my pink sunglasses / Always makes the world look a little bit better."

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In a interview, the superstar admits she's a woman ready to put her past — and the music of The Weight of These Wings — in the rearview mirror. "I hope when people listen to it that it gives them hope and reminds them they are not alone when they’re going through something tough," Lambert remarks. "But it’s been two years since the album came out, and I’ve moved on."

The Weight of These Wings reflects on mostly down points for Lambert, who divorced Blake Shelton in 2015.

Her late-night performance came just a day after she shared a pic with her fellow Pistol AnniesAshley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, who appear to be in the studio working on new music again, or still.

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