Miranda Lambert's husband of nearly two years has signed up for Instagram. A verified account for Brendan McLoughlin with three photos went live on Friday (Oct. 16). The former New York City police officer's feed has thus far been a highlights package of moments with his wife.

Two of the four pictures (including the one he's using as his Instagram avatar) are with the country music singer, while the outliers speak to his City Goes Country theme.

"Married a Texan and I got to meet a longhorn," he captions one of him standing in front of — and a safe distance away from — a longhorn. The picture is one of the ones Lambert used in wishing her man a happy birthday last week, although he added the #CowsofInstagram hashtag, a hashtag that — as it turns out — is much more popular and much more adorable than you'd imagine.

But we digress.

Thus far, McLoughlin has chosen succinct captions with everyday language and emojis. His first (of him on horseback at the Lambert property) includes the #CityGoesCountry hashtag, while the most recent picture (shared Sunday night) has only the heart emoji.

The 29-year-old has just over 1,000 followers as of Monday morning (Oct. 19) and follows only two people, Lambert and Laura Spinelli, a digital marketing manager who has worked with Lambert previously, according to Pollstar.

A strong social media presence would give the formal model a chance to build his own brand, much like Brittany Aldean and Lauren Akins have done since marrying Jason Aldean and Thomas Rhett, respectively. Britt Aldean has more than 1.7 million Instagram followers and she has been able to successfully monetize her platform with product endorsements and reviews. Akins and Caroline Bryan (wife of Luke Bryan) have mentioned a few products on their platforms, but also smartly used their presence to promote projects of their own, much like a musician would.

McLoughlin could also use his Instagram page to prank his wife in the same gentle way she does him, or at least with something equally amusing. Over the last 21 months the "Bluebird" singer has turned her camera on and surprised her man, videotaping him doing household chores shirtless. She's also shared video and pictures of him dancing or baling hay, acknowledging McLoughlin's good looks and winning smile. One figures he might be wise to run his pranks by her before hitting publish, but who knows? The Bryans certainly run a free-for-all on social media — perhaps the Lamberts will too.

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