Michael Ray stepped onstage in front of a sold out crowd at Joe’s Bar in Chicago on Thursday night (April 26), just a few days shy of his thirtieth birthday. And he got the surprise of his life when his dad came out to celebrate a little early.

“So we just surprised him all the way from central Florida,” Ray's dad explains in a video captured by Big 955 in Chicago. You can see the singer is shocked, wiping tears from his eyes. "We would like all you guys to help us celebrate his birthday. We're going to sing 'Happy Birthday' right now if everyone can join me?"

The exuberant crowd obliged as Ray pulled out his phone to capture the moment. It was quite an experience for everyone in attendance, and a beautiful beginning to a month that not only will include Ray’s birthday on April 29, but also the impending release of his sophomore album Amos, which includes his current single “Get to You.”

“When it came time to pick the next song for fans to hear, I listened to the fans," shares Ray. “For months we have been playing these songs on the road and we start most every show with 'Fan Girl,' so it was time to put this song in their hands. The lyrics, ‘You give me that front row feeling/Screaming with my hands up/Walk in the room and everybody stands up,’ create such a powerful visual. That -- equated to how you feel about a girl -- is a perspective I had not heard before, yet I know exactly what that feeling is."

Michael Ray's Amos arrives June 1.

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