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if you have been caring for any parents grandparents or the elderly you know they have a lot of medications and when they pass you try to figure out how to dispose of them properly. There are some places in Abilene where you can dispose of some medicines but not all.

The difference is, most places DO NOT take sharps those are the needles or hypodermics that are used for insulin and or medical injections. Plus narcotic medications that are strictly regulated and any other medicines.

Photo by: TTSN /Amy Gebhart, RPh
Photo by: TTSN /Amy Gebhart, RPh

Fortunately for us here in Abilene, The Texas Tech School of Nursing (TTSN) holds an event once a year called the Medication Clean-Out Day, where for several hours Abilenians can drop off all medications including sharps.

While I was researching what we can and cannot dispose of in our trash cans I learned that once a medical item has left the pharmacy, doctor's office, hospital, medical supply office, or store it can no longer be used. Not even if it's never been used and in its original packaging. It must all be disposed of properly.

I also discovered that the reason that a lot of places like the Drug Emporium and other pharmacies do not accept sharps and narcotic medications is because of the costs involved in transporting and destroying said medications. So, gather up all your leftover medicines and sharps and make your way to the TTSN Medicine Clean-Out Day event.

The event is free and scheduled for Saturday, October 15th from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM and it will be a drive-through at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) at 1674 Pine Street near downtown Abilene. Source: TTUHSC / Medication Clean-Out Day is Coming to Abilene

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