On May 31, Apple Music will release Maren Morris: Reimagined, an Apple exclusive acoustic EP and companion film. A newly-released behind the scenes video sheds light on the shared mindset of Morris and producer Dave Cobb as they strip down "Girl," "The Bones," and even pop crossover mega-hit "The Middle."

"I’m so familiar with these songs, so recreating them and unlearning the melodies and trying some new things is really fun for me because it gets me out of my one-track muscle memory of these melodies," Morris says in the video.

Cobb, known more for bolstering Americana acts than putting the finishing touches on country superstars' songs, helps whittle down Morris' songs from bold pop anthems to acoustic numbers that really let the lyrics shine.

"I think the mark of a good song is you can rearrange it up and it still is a very defining song," says Morris in a press release. "Dave you know, his production is so -- rootsy and very soulful and Americana and he just understands that sound so intensely. I love the way it turned out."

In addition to digging into the acoustic treatment of some of her biggest hits, there will be ample chances to watch Morris flex her musical muscle memory this year. Her Girl: The World Tour is currently on the road in the UK and will come back to the United States for a string of summer and fall amphitheater dates. Soon after, Morris will hit the road with Miranda Lambert's Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour.

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