In a video, that's now going viral on Facebook, a man is seen being confronted by Abilene Police for (what sounds like) a warrant. The man attempts to flee. While he runs down the hall of the Mall of Abilene, one of the officers tasers the man - at that point, the suspect flew like superman. Well, for a split second, that is.

Why am I posting this? Because there are people out there that want to make villains of law enforcement officers. You see, the way it works is plain and simple. When approached by an officer - don't resist, don't run, don't be stupid. This suspect could have, easily, cooperated with the officers. Yes, he may be going to jail for his warrant, but he won't fly a few inches above the ground like an idiot.

You may disagree. That's OK. That's my opinion. I hold law enforcement officers with the highest regard. They have a job to do and if you show them respect, they won't taser you.

Posted by Ron Thompson on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Like the old saying goes, "play stupid games, win stupid prizes".
Thanks to my buddy Ron Thompson for letting me post this video on our website.

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