Matthew Colleluori is in LC-deep trouble.

The 33-year-old man was arrested Tuesday in Marple, Pennsylvania for stealing not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE big-screen TVs from the same Walmart over a six-day period.

Perhaps he was thinking about opening his own sports bar. Or starting his Christmas stealing early this year to beat the rush.

Colleluori’s spree finally came to an end after security questioned him Tuesday. He then got away and led cops on a chase in his car before they apprehended him, in a scene out of 'Cops' that probably would be even more exciting to watch on one of the TVs he decided to take.

Colleluori first made this particular Walmart his own private storage facility on January 17 when he walked in, loaded a big-screen LCD TV into a cart and then walked to the front, at which point he picked it up and scampered out of the store, proving two things:

1. Security must be very out-of-shape if they can’t catch a guy hauling a big-screen TV.
2. He must be in pretty good shape to run with a big-screen TV. We lose our breath hunting between the couch cushions for the remote control.

We’re not sure just how many rooms Colleluori needed to furnish in his home, but he kept coming back and pulling off the same stunt over the course of the next week (memo to Walmart: you may want to look into hiring some more effective security personnel. Seriously, this guy was just taunting you by the end.).

On Tuesday, he was at it again, making off with a TV in the morning. But sometimes you’ve got to know when to stop pushing your luck, which Colleluori clearly doesn’t because he returned to the store later that same afternoon ready to pilfer another set only to find the police had been tipped off and were ready to arrest him.

Clearly, this guy isn't as sharp as the picture quality on the most high-def of TVs.

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