Luke Combs channels his inner dad -- even though he may not be a father just yet -- in his song "Even Though I'm Leaving." The subject matter, the singer explains, came about because of one of his co-writers, who is a parent and wanted to write a song about that experience.

While Combs may not have personal parenthood experience to draw from, he recalled his relationship with his parents growing up in order to find inspiration. To learn more about the story behind "Even Though I'm Leaving," read on as Combs thinks back on its writing process.

My buddy Wyatt Durrette, me and Ray Fulcher wrote that song. It was both [Fulcher's and my] first time writing with Wyatt, but we had a bunch of mutual friends. So we got in this little -- I guess it used to be an office. A writing room, I guess you'd say.

Wyatt's a dad, and he said, "Man, I kinda want to write a 'dad' kind of song." Which is kind of tough, [because] me and Ray aren't dads, but we were kind of channeling that sort of thing when we started out, at the beginning of the song. We were talking about the "monsters under the bed" thing.

You know, my parents always used to tuck me in at night and make sure there wasn't a bogeyman behind the curtains or whatever. We just started going down that road, and it kind of led to the "Even Though I'm Leaving" thing. We were like, "Okay, where do we take this song from here?" And where it ended up going was just kind of the natural progression.

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