Lindsay Ell is taking part in the current 10 year challenge on social media, and her post proves much can change in a decade. The "Criminal" singer shared a photo of herself playing guitar in her basement spliced beside her performing on stage in front of thousands of people.

"From recording YouTube videos in my basement with bangs, praying people would wearing an orange sequence jumpsuit on stage in front of thousands of you guys....a lot can change in 10 years," she captions an image posted to Instagram.

Forget 10 years; much has changed for Ell since releasing her major label debut The Project in 2017. The singer has been tapped by Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Sugarland as an opening act in the last year alone. She has also proven herself as one of country music's best guitar slingers, frequently shredding alongside the genre's heavyweights.

Last year, Ell kicked off her first headlining tour and was named one of five new voices highlighted for the upcoming 2019 CRS New Faces showcase. Ell wraps her 2018-2019 Monster Energy Outbreak Tour later this week.

While 2018 saw many of Ell's dreams come true, the 2018 Taste of Country RISERS act previously admitted that things aren't always what they seem. In an interview with Taste of Country, Ell reveals she was lost, at least musically, before teaming up with her producer.

"At the point of my life when I sat down with Kristian Bush, I was kind of in a pretty dark place," Ell recalls. "I was really lost musically. As a songwriter, I'd find I was writing so much to what I thought radio wanted and I lost myself, a lot."

Through rediscovering her love of John Mayer's Continuum album and recording it her own way, she found herself and what would become her new album, The Project. She's come a long way from recording YouTube videos in her basement, and Ell's latest photo proves that both hard work and patience eventually pay off.

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