Lee Brice's newest self-titled album debuted earlier in November. The record, released more than three years after his previous record, I Don't Dance, took more time because Brice was determined to make it just the way he wanted it before he shared it with his fans.

"It feels amazing to have my album out, number one, because we started this thing to get new music out and move to our next chapter of our life," Brice recently shared with The Boot and other reporters. "Obviously we decided to have it out by the end of the year, but we’ve been working on it for a long time, so, two and half years gone by, working on something, it was nice to get it wrapped up, the vision I had in my head, kind of come together and be done.

"At the very end, I was like, ‘Let’s get this thing done. We’ve been doing this a while,'" he adds. "It’s good now that I don’t have to be in the studio all the time; I can be home with the family, I can be home with my wife, roasting marshmallows in the backyard."

Lee Brice includes the Top 20 single "Boy," one of the few songs on the new record that the father of two boys didn't write. Still, the song resonated as deeply with him as if he did.

"I’ve been very fortunate to have found songs in my career that I didn’t write, but I wish I would have, or I would have wanted to write it just like that," Brice shares. "And "Boy," it’s the story of my life: two boys, and they are boys. They are all boys, so it just really worked out for everything. And on top of that, my daddy just came down [for a] weekend. We went fishing together, and now I’m seeing life kind of from his perspective back in there, so that’s what that song is really all about."

Brice and his wife, Sara, welcomed their first daughter, Trulee, earlier this year, and the five-month-old clearly has her proud father wrapped around his finger.

"She's the perfect little angel," boasts Brice. "If she’s not sleeping, or laughing or pooping, if she frowns at all, that means that means you’ve missed her feeding time ... It’s so much fun for a mama like Sara, who works so hard on schedule – she’s such a good mama. The baby’s so happy."

With a grueling schedule, and more tour dates planned in the new year, Brice says his family of five works hard to make time to be together, even if it takes a little more planning.

"We make our time," says Brice. "We have to plug it in before the year starts to know when we’re going to have our vacations and time as a family together."

Lee Brice is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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