Kevin Fowler is known mostly for his fun-loving, partying, beer drinking songs. In his newest single, 'Panhandle Poorboy', we get to better understand Fowler's upbringing, and the music video paints the picture beautifully.

The new video debuted on, and Fowler told Taste of Country,

"I really just wanted to write a song about who I am, where I come from. It shaped the person I am...tumbleweeds and dust and barbed wire and windmills, it really rubs off on you. It did on me, anyway. You know, I grew up...I wasn' any stretch of the imagination grew up wealthy. My parents never had much money, but it was just, it seemed almost like the best place on the planet to grow up and color in my life."

Kevin Fowler - 'Panhandle Poorboy'