Keith Urban is longing in his "Coming Home" video, waking up to a new 'home' with every passing day before finding his comfort zone — his "home" — alongside his collaborator at the end of the clip.

“The concept for the video was really Andy Hines’ idea," Urban explains, speaking of the director of the "Coming Home" video. "He suggested the heightened reality that we see in the video, which keeps it more like a dream — an idea, more than an actuality. It was also important to have Julia there — she’s great energy to be around and I love singing with her, so I wanted us to be on stage at the same time to capture that."

The song itself serves as the newest single off off Urban's album Graffiti Uwhich also features collaboration with country native newcomers Kassi Ashton and Lindsay Ell. "'Coming Home' started with an idea I had of using the intro of one of my favorite (Merle) Haggard songs 'Mama Tried,'" Urban says. "Hearing that rolling Haggard guitar lick sparked memories of my childhood and my dream to come to America. I knew right then the story (of the song) was about the struggles of being in a city where your dreams have brought you, but far from your home — wherever, whomever and whatever that is for each of us."

Urban hits the road on June 15 for the 62-city Graffiti U World Tour 2018.

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