A lot of things have happened in Abilene during the coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses have been updating and/or upgrading their businesses. We too (Townsquare Media aka TSM) had a bit of an update that was a huge surprise to me personally.

First off I was told by management that KEAN was going to have to share a "station vehicle" with Texas/Red Dirt sister station, Lonestar-1280. I was also told that "it was going to be a simple add the Lonestar-1280 logo to the KEAN KIA remote vehicle.

As the days went by and the days turned into weeks, I kept wondering if the KEAN-105 / Lonestar-1280 KIA car was ever going to be finished. Then one day the KIA is back in our station's parking lot with one major malfunction. It was ALL Lonestar-1280 and nowhere did it say KEAN-105.

Immediately it was explained to me that KEAN was well known in West Texas and that we "KEAN-105" were going to help our sister station "Lonestar-1280" get some needed  exposure, by taking the Lonestar car out on the KEAN-105 live on location broadcasts.

I should have guessed that something was not right when I was asked by management "are you okay with that?" I swallowed my pride and responded "yes, I'm fine with that and I'll help get the word out about the New Lonestar-1280 radio station." While deep, down inside I was having mixed feelings.

KEAN-105 is the radio station that I have been with for 42 years, KEAN is my baby. I have a personal love for this radio station that has helped many West Texans get through the happy times, the tough times, raised money for charities, entertained thousands over the years, but most importantly KEAN-105 is the a connection, that binds we West Texans together, as a family.

As you'll see in the video above, all of the a-fore mentioned was a BIG plot to keep me from finding out what was really playing out behind the scenes.  The real story is that I, Rudy "Fearless Fernandez" was getting a new station vehicle and it's going to be a huge surprise. This entire plan was the brainchild of our TSM Operations Manager Frank Pain.

I can only say that after many restless days and nights I was moved beyond words. When I saw those beautiful call letters on that awesome Nissan truck I began to cry, because KEAN-105 still has a lot of work to do in helping out our community. Furthermore, they put my face and morning show logo on it as well. I could not stop crying, I was so happy. Thank you to Frank Pain and Staci Blubaugh for the new KEAN Machine and a million thanks to Wes Roberts owner of SignTEX Abilene for the AWESOME truck wrap.

If ever there was a time when dreams come true, this is one of them. I am so ready now, to go help all non-profits, charities, civic organizations and anyone else in our wonderful community we so lovingly call The Big Country. So call me and let's work our next fundraiser together.

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