Justin Moore dropped his live album on Friday (Sept. 25), but he's got 30 songs ready to record and release, including his next radio single.

The "Why We Drink" singer says he had enough for another album at the time he cut his last, Late Nights and Longnecks (2019). He'll dive into that stash as he assembles his next studio album, release date TBD. A song called "We Didn't Have Much" is going to be the radio single, he says.

“It sounds like nothing I’ve ever recorded in my career,” he tells Taste of Country and select media during a conversation centered on Live at the Ryman. “It couldn’t be more country sounding, which I’m obviously happy with."

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Delivering genuine country music with a traditional bite has been a goal of Moore's in recent years. He described Late Nights and Longnecks as an effort in making a '90s country record, but this new song sounds distinctly 2020. It's about simplifying our lives, he shares. Lyrically it's about a time when "we had it all but we didn't have much."

“Like I’m building a chicken coup right now," Moore says. "We’ll have our own fresh eggs. We planted a garden, which has been fun for the kids but has been lesson-teaching — you put work into something, you get something in return. Relying on your neighbors, I mean this is all cliche, cheesy-sounding stuff, but it’s true, and it’s kind of been our life over the last four or five months."

The singer didn't write the song, so it's a stretch to say it's coronavirus pandemic-inspired, but the vocal performance may be. In addition to writing on Zoom, Moore has been recording with help from the platform. An engineer came to his home and set up a vocal studio, which allowed him to record. All the vocals on his next album, he says, will be from his pool house in Poyen, Ark.

“It was strange, but this technology has allowed us to continue to work on new music and not be completely stopped," he says of Zoom. "It’s a blessing that we have it.”

Live at the Ryman is a 17-song live album recorded at the Ryman Auditorium in May 2018. It includes six of his Billboard Airplay No. 1 singles and rowdy covers of Hank Williams Jr. ("Country State of Mind," featuring Chris Janson), Waylon Jennings ("I Ain't Living Long Like This," featuring David Lee Murphy) and Ricky Skaggs ("Honey," featuring Skaggs and the Whites) songs. Moore says he recorded that night just in case it was a great show and decided to release the album to give fans missing live music something to snack on.

"It was like we went in and played some bar," he shares, speaking to his band's and the crowd's energy. "That was a little surprising."

Live at the Ryman
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