Julianne Hough never hesitates to push the envelope when it comes to sexy, as fans can attest who remember her yowza-inducing "Is That So Wrong" music video.

Hough created a stir recently when she shared some sexy pictures taken during her honeymoon with her new husband, NHL player Brooks Laich. She shows off plenty of skin in the beach photos, but that was just the warmup to a topless (from the back, mind you) picture she shared on her birthday Thursday (July 20), featuring her bikini-clad badonkadonk in a shot that is breaking the internet.

It's nothing new for the Dancing With the Stars pro-turned-actor and country singer. In 2010, her "Is That So Wrong" video was perhaps a bit too hot for television.

The ultra-sexy clip features one scene in which Hough is dancing around her room in a short negligee, which then disappears, leaving her in only some skimpy undergarments as she writhes around in the sheets on her bed.

"I shot a music video for it, and Country Music Television banned it," Hough explained, as reported by the Washington Post. "Apparently, I was taking off too many clothes as I was dancing across my bedroom. But I don’t know … I kind of liked it."

That's an assessment her male fans would be unlikely to disagree with. CMT responded to Hough's comments by telling CNN that the problem with the video arose from problems in a contract negotiation and not with the content. Hough's fans probably don't care about the reasons ... they just want to see more!

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