Jimmie Allen has his hands full professionally right now with a Top 10 single, “Best Shot,” and a brand new album, Mercury Lane. But on the personal side, the daddy of one might also have a budding soccer player on his hands in the form of his son, Aiden.

“He’s advanced for his age,” Allen tells Taste of Country Nights’ Sam Alex about his four-year-old son, who is an avid soccer and basketball player. “I have been working with him ever since he was pretty much born. I played growing up.”

Allen says Aiden stands out on the field, especially alongside his little teammates.

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“The other kids in soccer that are four years old are just having fun,” Allen says with a chuckle. “[Aiden’s] really competitive and wants to win. He’ll score like two goals and then sit on the bench and his coach will say, ‘What are you doing?’ And he’ll say, 'I’m bored now.'"

So, is Allen just as competitive? Has he ever gotten into it with a referee at a game standing up for his little soccer superhero?

“No, I’m like, 'Man, it’s just a game,'" he says. “I’m just trying to keep Aiden focused. It’s all about having a good attitude. Just because you might be more advanced, you still have to have a good attitude.”

Allen also told Alex that his son continues to excel both on and off the field despite dealing with his own personal battle.

“His ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] is so bad,” Allen says. “Poor kid.”

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