Two of country music's hot newcomers and an industry legend have released new music videos recently. Read on to see 'em!

Jillian Jacqueline, "Reasons"

Jillian Jacqueline's "Reasons" is a catchy breakup tune that goes retro in its music video, an entertaining fall out of a relationship that's falling apart. The clip is 1970s psychedelic; the shag carpets, bright colors and throwback props are a comfortable fit for the breezy let-go song.

"The story is sort of unfolded as these vignettes of what I was living," says Jacqueline in an interview with Refinery29. "It actually came from a real place, but what I liked about it was that we married it with this buoyant, fun track."

The "Reasons" video was directed by Jacqueline and Patrick Tracy.

Ashley Campbell, "A New Year"

Ashley Campbell holds her own musically as the daughter of the late country music legend Glen Campbell, and her "A New Year" music video is visually captivating. The breathy and resolute lyrics of the tune are set to a backdrop of a beach paradise.

"I won't be perfect / Baby, I'll make mistakes / But it'll be worth it," Campbell sings as she drives a vintage VW bug down the coastline. "'Cause from this moment, all I want is you by my side / Your hand it my hand ..."

Campbell has plans to release a new album in March.

Tyminski, "Wanted"

Bluegrass legend Dan Tyminski -- going by only his last name for his newest project -- is back with a music video for his new song "Wanted;" the track comes from his Southern Gothic album. Rich with symbolic imagery, the clip follows a couple through the aftermath of a romance, as the song's lyrics reiterate that, although it's over, the relationship was what the couple wanted. Tyminski himself makes a cameo in the video as the officiant at the baptism of the lonely lover.

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