Jesse Ventura has never been one to be short on opinions. The outspoken former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler, now aims to sue the widow of slain military hero and sniper Chris Kyle.

The suit which was filed prior to the murder of Kyle, claims Kyle's recounting of an incident with Ventura is not correct. And Ventura wants his name restored.


In his 2006 best-selling book "American Sniper," Kyle told a story of a bar fight he had with Ventura over some unpatriotic remarks the former governor supposedly made.

Ventura denied the whole incident, and he asked a judge Monday to allow his defamation suit against Kyle to go forward with Kyle's widow as the defendant.

Ventura's attorneys argued in federal court that he has the right to restore his reputation, and that Kyle's estate will continue to profit from book sales and an upcoming movie based on the book.

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