I just received an advance copy of Jaida Dreyer's new single 'Half Broke Horses' and I want to share it with you, because it made me cry. I pictured this little girl, (much like my little angel) running to her room to get her plastic horses. Only Jadia watched as her momma cry and her daddy walk away to never come back again . I ask how could a man do this to a precious child. Wow, Miss Dreyer you got to me, what an awesome song. 

Jaida Dreyer is a singer/songwriter signed to the brand new record label Streamsound Records, which was founded in 2012 by Byron Gallimore. Jaida debuted in 2012 with songs 'Guy's Girl' and 'Confessions', both of which charted on Hot Country Songs chart. She wrote 'Fall for Me', that was recorded and released by Sunny Sweeney

Dreyer was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and raised in Latimer, Iowa, where the population sign, to this day still reads 303. She says “we didn’t have a stoplight, we had one stop sign,” Jaida admits she's always been a “horse-crazy” little girl.  Although her family wasn’t musically inclined, music was always a part of Dreyer’s life. As early as she can remember, she says, “from church to school honor choirs to singing along with the radio at three in the morning trying to stay awake on long-haul drives cross-country to horse shows, it was always just been there, it's a part of me.”

Check out another little part of her below, her new single will be made available to radio stations across America in the weeks to come. As for me I've had to regain my composure and realize, this is a "Jaida Dreyer, cowboy and horse song." I really like it and I hope you do too. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

This is Jadia Dreyer's new song 'Half Broken Horses'