Every once in a while you notice certain seasons occurring in Texas that are not just meteorological like with our current summer and hurricane season. Just like you can expect bluebonnets to kick off the wildflower season and pass the baton to Indian paintbrushes and blankets, the mild winters also hand off what version of construction season the Lone Star State is perpetually experiencing.

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It's not your imagination this time, these things are everywhere now. So, why is that?

If you have not noticed lately, but there are a lot of additional people living here as the great Texas migration has been ongoing for the last 4 years, and that means there are more cars and trucks on the roads too for our newest Texans are using to navigate our wondrous state. More vehicles means more traffic, and if it was not obvious before, it is painfully obvious now that the road network is not just overworked, but increasingly behind the curve to maintain all of the highway and street travelers.

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This Is Why New Road Tubes Keep Appearing Across Texas

The above video does a great job of describing why you also see these pneumatic road tubes come solo, or in pairs. Understanding just how many vehicles are using a road on average at any given time is important, but just as important is understanding what speed they are traveling the roadway too.

This helps the road design teams learn what types of intersections are needed for neighborhoods, commercial zones, and major thoroughfares. Hopefully they can also assist in exterminating the most baffling of all travel anomalies, the phantom traffic jam.

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