From an economic, growth, and employment perspective, Texas is pretty much the best a state can possibly imagine to do at the moment in the entire United States, but even the Lone Star State has not been able to keep well established and powerfully branded legacy restaurants afloat through the worst inflation we have experienced in 40 years.

I mean, you know it is really bad when a sports bar in Texas that's known for their wings and sea food excellence that is served by hospitality experts that are easy on the eyes can't even keep their doors open.

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According to this Restaurant Business Online article, Hooters is closing up shop in almost 1/7th of their current US locations and many of them are close by,

"The closures include stores in Bryan, Wichita Falls, Seabrook and McAllen, Texas."
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To be honest, I have spent more time on top of a Hooters restaurant than inside one because of camping out on the roof for a charity fundraiser, so personally this is not going to have a direct effect on my family of five. My good friend David on the other hand is probably feeling the pain first hand knowing there are several less of his favorite eateries.

Texas Hit Hardest With New Hooters Restaurant Closures In America

When I was in my 20s I literally lived next door to a Hooters, only went there one time, and they did just fine business wise. Now, as a father of 3 in my mid forties, they are desperately needing my money more than ever.

Maybe they should put in a playground, seems to work for that other chicken place, Chick-fil-A. They don't even have to be open on Sunday, and seem to be opening new ones right across the street from each other.

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