With mortgage rates as high as they are, its no surprise that tiny homes and trailers are coming back into popularity.

Who doesn't want a home, some land and no house payments? Many people on TikTok are showing off their viral fixer-upper trailer remodels and proving that with some hard work and dedication you can create a home of your own affordably.

According to CBS News, soaring mortgage rates and rising home prices have made the dream of owning a home impossible for many.

"Interest rates are increasing and home prices have appreciated quickly since Covid. These two things combined have made homeownership much less affordable," Ryan Frazier, co-founder and CEO of real estate investing platform Arrived, told CBS.

Given this grim outlook on home ownership, it's no surprise that TikTok creators who are showing how they achieved home ownership in a less traditional way are gaining popularity.

One of the top creators in the category is @trailerparkpretti. She has built quite a following showing her trailer renovations. This proud trailer homeowner has racked up over 600k followers waiting on her next upgrade, touting her aesthetic and her "dream home."

Her 1979 trailer remodel went viral with lots of comments weighing in.

"Looks like our home. We live in a double wide and we’ve spent thousands fixing it up and it’s a home. My kids are happy. We’re happy. All that matters," one user weighs in in agreement.

"Literally doing this very thing for my family. Run down trailer on 2.5 acres is going to be a dream home… stay tuned," gushed another user.

"It don’t matter what where or how! You have a home! You are rocking it! And your kids are taken care of! I call that winning! ☺️I love this," commented another user.

Another video touting the perks of trailer life went viral by @amandajmaze.

The numbers are convincing, and many others shared their reasons for trailer life.

"Rather have a HOME paid for....working...and living life...THAN BE HOUSE POOR...still not a home...and not being true to ME! GOOD FOR YOU SISTER!!!!" commented one user.

"Ya know what people can hate but when you can go and do what you want with no debt let the haters cry," weighed in another user.

Aint nothin' wrong with lightening the load on some bills and having some extra money in the bank. Maybe this will be the next life hack.

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