This could be taking the term "die-hard fan" a little too far.

A regent for the University of Nebraska, Barbara Weitz, has proposed an idea to raise money for the school by selling spots in a burial columbarium underneath the football stadium. This idea would allow super fans to have their ashes inurned at the field.

Memorial Stadium, the 85,000 seat home stadium of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, is set for a renovation in 2025 that will cost an estimated $450 million. Weitz floated the idea of allowing fans a shot at getting a final resting place underneath the stadium — for a fee.

The school is currently facing a $58 million budget shortfall and is looking to raise funds in any way possible.

Before anyone laughs, the idea is not that crazy. In fact people in Green Bay Wisconsin have warned residents and fans that dumping ashes on the field can be fined up to $1,321. A Eagles fan, Christopher Noteboom, ran onto the the field during the game, and dumped his mother's ashes on the field. Even despite the charges he picked up, he was happy to make his mother's final resting place in a spot she would have loved.

As for Nebraska, Weitz thinks that her proposal could be the best idea to make some things work, “We really do love our sports teams and follow them everywhere. It’s part of being a Nebraskan. So why wouldn’t being buried under the field be a great way to be close to your team forever? So it was kind of a combination of needing money, talking about ways to get it and then kind of trying to say let’s use our imaginations.”

But, according to AP,  her fellow regents laughed at the idea at a recent meeting, so who knows if this could ever become a reality.

The college football season opens up on Saturday, Aug. 24.

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