How about a blast from the past? NASCAR in the 1990s saw some pretty unique color schemes and logos on some of racing's biggest cars.

How many of these businesses and logos do you remember?

Some of the companies that sponsored car's paint schemes in the '90s no longer exist. Some sponsors are still going strong in the sport. Others can no longer be sponsors.

You'll notice some cigarette and dipping tobacco logos appear on cars back in the day, but due to tobacco companies becoming increasingly restricted in how they could advertise in the late '90s, those sponsorship died out in the early 2000s.

Another big difference from then and now is that today's cars are wrapped, and so their designs can be changed from week to week. Thirty-odd years ago the cars were actually painted and would keep the same design for a longer time.

It's interesting to take a trip down memory lane to see what cars looked like and which business were sponsoring race cars back in the '90s. Check out the photos below to learn more about NASCAR during that decade.

Old-School NASCAR Car Logos That Are Still Cool Today

It's pretty common for NASCAR rides to switch designs week to week, but back in the '90s, when the cars had to be actually painted versus wrapped like today, rides stuck with designs for weeks at a time.

Some of these paint jobs never would see the light of day in today's world. Let's run down some some classic NASCAR sponsor paint jobs as well as some forgotten ones.

Gallery Credit: Wood