HuneyFire are releasing a sassy new video for their fun new song, "Breaking Necks (Remix)," and they're letting Taste of Country readers see it first in an exclusive premiere on Thursday (Nov. 16).

The mother/daughter duo of Cheaza Figueroa and Marriana Nevarez-Barlow celebrate confident women in the new clip, which they filmed in Las Vegas with director Brandon Bulacka.

The duo wrote the song along with Jason Pennock, and the lyrics promote female empowerment.

"I see their eyes begin to creep / As they're slowly passing me / They're thinking they won't turn around, then I hear the sound / I'm breakin' necks, oh yeah, yeah / Breaking necks, and I love the sound," they sing over a track that juxtaposes elements of traditional and contemporary country, as well as rock music.

"'Breaking Necks' is a powerful song that tells the story of a woman who exudes confidence and self-assured beauty. As she steps out into the world, her presence commands attention, drawing the gaze of all who cross her path,” HuneyFire explain. “The lyrics capture the essence of her magnetic allure, as men find themselves captivated by her mesmerizing charm. The song's narrative beautifully weaves together themes of self-love and acceptance, portraying the woman as someone who fully embraces her worth and authenticity.

"With each stride, she embodies the freedom to be herself unapologetically, leaving a trail of admiration in her wake. ‘Breaking Necks’ is an anthem of empowerment, celebrating the beauty that radiates from within and the strength that comes from embracing one's true self.”

HuneyFire describe themselves as an Afro/Latina country-rock duo, and they have an impressive family musical pedigree. Figueroa's mother was Stonye Figueroa, one of the legendary Ikettes who served as backing vocalists and dancers for the Ike &a Tina Turner Revue. Nevarez' father is Alfred Nevarez, a founding member of the pop vocal group All-4-One.

"Breaking Necks (Remix)" is currently available via all major digital outlets.

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