Carly Pearce is no stranger to cheatin' songs, but in her new single, "Truck on Fire," she breaks out the pyrotechnics.

Fans have seen Pearce sing about heartbreak, loss, betrayal and moving on with hits like "What He Didn't Do" and "Never Wanted to Be That Girl," but this time around, she's showing a more vengeful streak. This song could be right up there with the most searing woman-scorned anthems from Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.

"No one wants to be cheated on, but everyone wants to seek revenge," Pearce said in a statement surrounding the song's release to radio. "I wrote this song for every girl who has gone through a similar situation and dreams of wreaking havoc on her ex."

"Truck on Fire" follows Pearce's last single, a hit Chris Stapleton duet called "We Don't Fight Anymore." Both songs are on the track list of her newest album, Hummingbird, and both featured on the set list of her recent run opening for Tim McGraw.

"[T]he way the fans have embraced it has blown me away every single time. I couldn't think of a better song to make my next single," she adds.

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Carly Pearce, "Truck on Fire" Lyrics:

Always thought you loved that black Z71 more than you loved me / Mama always told me boys like you would run, not for keeps / You called me up to tell me you were workin' late / But I heard right now you're dancin' with a little miss Jane


Birds been talkin' up on the wire / Spilling your secrets all over this town / You and her, back road, pullin' all-nighters / Did you really think that I wouldn't find out? / Oh, so I found a little gas in a small red can / Oh, last strike match flyin' out of my hand / Liar, liar, truck on fire / Flames rollin' off of your Goodyear© tires / Burn, burn, you're gonna' learn / Never should've put your lips on her

Should've known from the way that you never left your phone sittin' by the bed / Or the way that you laughed it off when I was catchin' on, said it was in my head / Did you think that I wouldn't smell that cheap perfume? You'll have to find a new ride, 'cause the joke's on you...

Repeat Chorus

Burn, burn, burn, baby / You'll learn, learn, learn, baby...

Repeat Chorus

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