If you haven't noticed, mosquitos are out in full force. I must be pretty sweet because those suckers adore me. Luckily, I found a super simple method to keep them keep them at bay.

According to a few of my co-workers, it works. Not just well, but really really well.

Check out the TikTok below from creator @daddybrownn:


Yep. Bubbles. Bubbles are the secret to a mosquito-free summer. It might sound a little weird, but you can eliminate the ickiest insects ever with a bottle of bubbles from your kid's bedroom. All you have to do is pour them into a dish and then watch the magic unfold.

Pretty easy, huh?

It might be a good time to splurge on the bubble machine your kiddos always beg you for. You and your friends can enjoy beers on the patio and let the bubbles keep the mosquitos off you.

Plus, bubbles add a fun ambiance to every get-together! I mean, have you ever been somewhere with bubbles that wasn't fun? I can't recall a single place I've cried where bubbles can be found and I think that speaks volumes.

Bubbles are the unsung heroes of mosquito-bitten people all over the world. Make sure you let your friends and family know the bubble trick by sharing this article and then keep scrolling for more Texas-based news stories and silly galleries below..

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