When life gives you lemons...

TikToker @gersonrespreza shared a video of a new way he learned to juice lemons and it's blowing everyone's mind. I spent a ton of time in the food service industry, and I fancy myself knowing all of the obscure ways to do things, but this method of juicing a lemon is completely new to me.

It looks simple, less messy, and also seems like a great way to prevent squirting lemon juice directly into your eyes by accident. It's happened to us all...

All you need is a lemon and a toothpick.

Check out the video below:

Everyone is mesmerized in the comment section. Here are some of the best comments I read:

"Those lemon juice  bottles were trying to tell us the whole time." (OMG FOR REAL)

"Did you...Did you just milk a lemon?"

"Excuse me, you're telling me easy peasy lemon squeezy were actually instructions?"

"This is why I can never delete TikTok. I learn the most on here."

"I feel like I'm being lied to somehow."

"I did this at work and the next day heard a guy yell, "Why is this lemon empty!?"

"I wanted to go test this on a lemon and my mom said not in this economy. Wait until you cook something."

Did you learn something new today, or are the rest of us just morons? Let me know in a comment below this article wherever you come across it, and keep scrolling for more silly stuff in the galleries below...

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