Hey you two guys should get a room!

Image by E.G. H. from Pixabay
Image by E.G. H. from Pixabay

The Big 75!

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sued the Biden Administration for the 75th time. This is a politicians version of a psycho-dialing an ex. It's like the guy wants attention or something. Or could it be, these guys just love to see each other in court?

It's Special

Did you know that there are two "Diamond Anniversaries"? The first diamond anniversary is at 60 and the second is at 75. I think we can apply diamond status to the latest lawsuit. So what can we get for these two that just can't get enough of each other? Well, how about a set of "His and His" fountain pens that they can sign off on legal documents with? Of course, each pen would have a nice diamond encrusted in the tip.

A Get Together

A nice hotel room for a weekend might be nice to celebrate this anniversary. Maybe putting the two of them in a room to work out their differences will benefit all of us. They can talk everything through like two grown ups over some room service coffee and complimentary biscotti.  They can just take a few notes on that complimentary stationary and save all of us some trouble and some legal bills.


Seriously, 75 lawsuits? You'll never convince me that all of that was necessary. It reeks of showboating and seems to be a waste of everyone's time. Maybe it's the Attorney Generals Job to dream up lawsuits like a teen girl dreams of her favorite Korean boy band member. It just feels like overkill. Would you take it seriously if you were sued 75 times, or would you just say, "Oh, it's that guy again".   Anyways, Happy 75th anniversary to you snuggle-bunnies, I hope you enjoy your rendezvous in court.

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